Compressed air is usually the source and energy for nearly all global production. It starts in a compressor room with different compressor technologies to meet with specific needs and specific production applications. It can be everything from small oil lubricated piston compressors up to highly advanced multi installations of oil-free reciprocating compressors producing compressed air with the highest air quality demands 24/7 365 days/year and where every kW spent has impact on environment and bottom line.

Our customer base doesn’t allow longer unexpected shutdowns or downtime in production due to loss of compressed air and we as a provider of new equipment and services adapt our services according to that level.

Kompressorteknik ML AB provides

  • Complete compressed air solutions for industry and especially for packaging and PET bottling application.
  • Oil-free compressors for PET bottling production and packaging.
  • Compressors and options for general industry.
  • Field services – our maintenance program is your insurance your compressed air installation system will continuously  sufficient air and air quality throughout 24/7 production and peaks without interruptions .

Our service is performed and calculated based on customer needs and availability

As an insurance for you, we keep a stock of critical spare parts as well as wear and tear parts  in our facility in Ludvika – Sweden so that you can keep a low stock of parts on site.

We do in house valve refurbishment. Valves in a reciprocating compressor is the most critical part in terms of use of energy, reliability and efficiency of the compressor. The function of a valve is crucial to the performance of a compressor and that’s why we do all steps in valve refurbishment in house to make sure we are in control of what we put into your machine.

ECOPOC Monitoring. For the most demanding applications we developed a real time monitoring system giving notifications in case of deviations defined as normal. This system will secure and protect equipment and reduce unexpected shutdowns as close to zero as one can get. Read more on ECOPOC monitoring.

Energy saving analysis and solutions – optimization and upgrades.