Biogas / CNG compressors

Biogas / CNG compressors

Service and sales of compressors to the Biogas and CNG market

We service and can offer spare parts to most of the available makes on the market, eg Fornovogas, Mehrer, Nuovo Pignone, Ariel, Knox Western, LMF, Idromecanicca and more.

We can also offer service of screw compressors, blowers and fans for biogas.

Working in the ATEX environment is no problem, we follow the directives and adapt to the customer’s requirements.

We are an authorized service center for Fornovogas.

Fornovogas –

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A maintenance plan with fixed service intervals or service agreements on your fixed price compressor system gives you security and good overall economy.
You minimize the risk of unpleasant and costly surprises with stops in production, lost time and revenue.

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