About us

Kompressorteknik ML AB strives to be recognized as a modern and innovative company providing and developing products, solutions and services to meet with tomorrows demand.

Our keywords are sustainability, quality, ecofriendly and innovation.

Listening to our clients is the key to our success – market orientation in front of product orientation. By Listening to our clients and tomorrows demands and expectations we develop products and services to become their first choice.

Our target is to increase reliability and availability of compressed air installations and to do that we take the lead and bring into a traditional industrial  branch “internet of things”.

We recognize global warming and the effect  it has on our planet and we wish to contribute to reduce the global Co2 footprint by innovative solutions.

To achieve our targets and keep up with our vision we encourage our colleagues to grow in a flat organization limitless for personal development and joy in everyday life!  

We do more.